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Saturday, 24 November 2012 11:59

Shift Your Spending Week in the News

Small Business Saturday has made a big splash nationwide, and here in Utah. 

Check out this news report for Fox 13, featuring Local First Utah Executive Director Nan Seymour and Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon. 


Published in Local First Utah Blog

The Friday after Thanksgiving, which for years as been known as the biggest shopping day of the year, has taken on a life of its own. A life based around the goal of acquiring the most while spending the least. Black Friday is a day of the year dominated by price slashing, long lines and frenzied crowds.

This year, instead of fighting tooth and nail to take home the cheapest goods, Local First Utah encourages you Shift Your Spending, and bring home the items that have the greatest value by purchasing your holiday gifts in locally owned stores. Not only do local businesses offer a greater array of product diversity, but they offer attributes to our communities that cannot be replaced or mimicked by national retailers.

As Shift Your Spending Week launches, celebrate "Plaid Friday" instead of Black Friday. Sleep in, relax, wear plaid and make the choice to vote with your dollars this holiday season. Commit to shift at least 10% of your holiday spending with the Shift Your Spending Pledge. Purchase your gifts from local, independent businesses who are also participating in Shift Your Spending Week. Adorn your gifts with unique Local First Utah gift tags that are now available at participating businesses across the state.

Check out these "Plaid Friday" specials that some of our Shift Your Spending Businesses are offering:

  • Liberty Heights Fresh is offering 20% of everything in the store. 
  • Beehive Soap & Body Care is running the coupon code GIVETHANKS, which will take 15% of all purchases. Additionally, a special gift will be added to each item purchased online on Friday, November 23rd. 
Published in Local First Utah Blog