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The impact of the Internet—on business, on the economy, and on the community—is huge, and the issue of whether Internet businesses should or should not collect sales tax is equally significant.  On the one hand, why should one segment of retail receive what amounts to nearly a 10% advantage over the competition by not having to charge their customers sales tax? On the other hand, why should retailers with no physical presence have to collect taxes that pay for services they don’t use? Those are the basic arguments for and against, but the issue is far more nuanced than those broad questions indicate. Delve into these questions, the nuanced discussion behind them, and learn about the serious economic and social consequences the outcome of this debate will have for all of us.

Join us on Thursday, April 10, 6:30 p.m. at Local First Utah Headquarters (865 South 200 West) in Salt Lake City to for a panel discussion that both lays the groundwork for the history behind this issue, and will bring listener up to speed on where the debate now stands. We will also host a Q&A session with our knowledgeable presenters who understand the topic from all angles and who speak from experience on the matter.

Panelists will include:

Betsy Burton, Owner of The King’s English Bookshop will serve as moderator.

Light refreshments will be served by Even Stevens Sandwiches.


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