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Each year, the Institute for Local Self Reliance gathers data from locally owned, independent businesses, to study the impact that the “buy local” movement is having on economies and communities across the country.  We at Local First Utah wait in eager anticipation for the publication of the Independent Business Survey, mostly, because it always brings good news.

This year was no different, and the 2015 Independent Business Survey demonstrates in a number of ways how the Local First movement is impacting bottom lines and communities across the nation. This blog is the first in a four part series regarding the ILSR’s important findings.

Independent Businesses Report Revenue Growth in 2014

Surveying more than 3,000 independent businesses from all 50 states, the 2015 Independent Business Survey found that:

  •       Two-thirds of independents businesses experienced revenue growth in 2014.
  •       Retailers reported that “same-store sales” were up 5.1% for the year
  •       Holiday sales were up 4.8% over the 2013 holiday season

These results were especially remarkable as based on U.S. Department of Commerce reports regarding overall holiday sales, independent business were ahead of many large retailers, including Gap, Inc, Best Buy and Barnes & Noble.

News like this inspires the Local First Utah team to continue working hard on behalf of locally owned, independent businesses all across our state! As we renew our efforts to spread the news about the benefits of buying locally, we ask you to join us in this powerful movement.

Engage with Local First Utah by actively branding your business as locally owned. Create an Enhanced Listing and make use of the tools and resources Local First Utah provides. Or, help lead the movement by joining the Local First Leaders Circle. Each step we take, together, helps us create livable, thriving places to call home. 


As always, please contact our Executive Director, Kristen Lavelett, with any questions regarding the Local First movement, by e-mailing her at .

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