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What is Celebrate the Bounty Really All About?

05 October 2017 Published in Local First Utah Blog

Each Fall, for ten years strong, Local First Utah has hosted Celebrate the Bounty in order to gather the local loving community together in one place. Truth be told, there's one place that can fit all lovers of all things local, but we do our very to bring everyone together for a this festive occasion, hosted at Rico's Warehouse in the Granary District.

While Salt Lake City's phenomenal restaurants are the centerpiece of Celebrate the Bounty, the evening is about so much more than just locally grown, locally produced food. At it's core, Celebrate the Bounty is about that delicate balance between individuality and community that Utahns are so very good at managing. It's about our individual choices: how we spend our money, who we do business with, and where we do that business. As well, it's about how all of those individual choices multiply over time and produce a connected, thriving, generous place to call home. 

We're excited to have some of Utah's best known restauarants join us for Celebrate the Bounty, and we're delighted to welcome up and coming culinary innovators to the party!

Most of all, we're excited to have YOU at the party. That's right, YOU. Join us as we celebrate all the reasons we love to call Utah home, on Thursday, November 9th from 7 - 10 pm at Ricos Warehouse (545 West 700 South) in the Granary District of Salt Lake City.

Tickets are on sale now! $65 for food and drink, $55 for food only. Celebrate the Bounty is a 21+ event.