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Three Reasons to Give to Local First Utah on Giving Tuesday

28 November 2016 Published in Local First Utah Blog

Giving Tuesday is a special day set apart to for citizens to donate to the charities and non-profits that conduct invaluable work to make our communities brighter, better places to live. Please consider these three ways that Local First Utah contributes to our livelihood in Utah, and make a donation on Giving Tuesday!

Local First Utah builds connectivity and community between independent businesses in cities and towns across Utah.

By doing business with one another, rather than out-of-state or out-of-town businesses, independent businesses build economic and social ties that strengthen the entire community. Buying locally doesn’t simply keep money in Utah. It also helps to insulate Utah’s cities and towns from the ebbs and flows of an unpredictable global market. As well, building social ties between businesses enhances civic engagement at local levels.

Local First Utah is collaborative, working to enhance the identity of neighborhood business districts across the state of Utah.

Plain and simple: place matters. Quality of place contributes to our overall well-being, reinforces good citizenship, protects the environment and attracts visitors. Whether working in a Salt Lake City neighborhood, or building cohesion among independent businesses in Utah’s rural communities, the positive spillover effect of strong neighborhood identity is nearly immeasurable.

Local First Utah promotes and supports entrepreneurship, which serves as a pathway to achieving the American Dream.

At the core of our identity as Utahans and Americans is the belief in unprecedented possibility. Entrepreneurship and small business ownership are vital to our future.

Local First Utah most certainly is not a traditional charity. There are hundreds of remarkable charities working in Utah to find cures to life threatening illnesses, ameliorate homelessness, protect the incredible wilderness we’re so privileged to have access to, and so, so, so much more. You will likely receive many requests to donate on Giving Tuesday, but please keep one simple thing in mind. Independent businesses contribute to charities at three times the rate of their national counterparts. It’s these businesses that routinely give to the remarkable non-profits that call Utah home. We hope, when you have finished directly supporting these businesses by buy locally this holiday season that you will also consider a contribution to Local First Utah.