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Directory Upgrade FAQs

27 February 2014 Published in Local First Utah Blog

Q: What will be different about the new online business directory?

A few things. Namely, the types of listings available to businesses will be new. Local First Utah will always maintain its commitment to free partnership with businesses that meet our partnership requirements. But, in addition to these free listings, we’ve created two other types of listings allowing business owners to select the listing type that best suits their needs, and will match their desired level of engagement with Local First Utah. 

Here are the details on each type of listing:

 Basic Partner Listing – Free

  • Name, address, telephone number and 500 character description of your business
  • A Local First Utah window cling to display in your business
  • A digital Local First Utah start up kit, featuring key tips and ideas to co-brand your business as locally owned
  •  Access to printed marketing and educational materials, such as the “Ten Reasons for Shopping Locally” through our online storefront
  • An invitation to enroll in our two annual campaigns, “Independents Week” and “Shift Your Spending Week,” for the small fee of $15 per campaign.
  • Subscription to our e-newsletter

Sustaining Partner Listing – $11 per month, or $120 annually

  • All elements of the Basic Partner Listing, plus a 1,000 character business description
  • An active link to your business’s website
  • One video and/or one image related to your business
  • Auto-enrollment in “Independents Week” and “Shift Your Spending Week” for no fee
  • Automatic receipt of Local First Utah branded digital marketing content sent directly to your e-mail on a monthly basis
  • Access to educational videos, and other promotional pieces through our Partner Resources page and online storefront

Local First Leaders Circle - $84 per month or $1,000 annually

  • All elements of the Sustaining Partner Listing, plus a 1,500 character business description
  • An active link to your business’s website on the Local First Utah homepage
  • Logo placement at Celebrate the Bounty and at Local First Utah Headquarters

Q: What will happen to my old listing?

Nothing. At least, not until you say so. When our new directory is unveiled, we will systematically contact the businesses that are currently listed in our directory via e-mail. In this e-mail, businesses will be able to view their listing, select the new type of listing they would like to have, and verify all of their information.

Because we have thousands of businesses listed in our online directory, it may take a little bit of time for your business to receive this e-mail. If you’re eager to update and verify your business listing as soon as the new directory is launched, please fill out this quick form, and we’ll ensure that you are one of the first businesses we contact.

Bottom line: We will not alter your listing until we contact you.

Q: Why are you asking businesses to pay for their listings?

The mission of Local First Utah is to empower a movement toward supporting locally owned businesses. One of our main goals as an organization is to drive customers to local businesses, and the tools we use to accomplish that goal include meaningful content and dynamic public events. Paid listings will include a service: blogs, social media kits, and educational materials on reasons why to support local will be sent directly to our partner businesses. Businesses can use these materials to directly reach their audience, while we simultaneously publish these resources to reach the public at large.

Q: What is the benefit of being listed in the directory?

The benefit we offer to businesses that are listed in our directory is two-fold.

Firstly, we send these businesses a steady stream of top-of-the-line, localized content that is relevant to the consumer. This includes weekly blogs, biweekly newsletters, monthly social media kits, branding & educational materials, trainings and workshops, and the opportunity to participate in highly visible public events throughout the year.

Secondly, our directory is a place where citizens go to find local business in their area. Simply being listed in the directory creates another avenue by which new customers can find your business. In addition, businesses can use their directory listings as a platform to tell their story, share photos and videos, and engage directly with an active audience of locally minded citizens.

Q: What are the benefits of branding as a locally owned business?

The mission of Local First Utah is to empower a movement toward supporting locally owned businesses, and the symbol of that movement is the Local First Utah brand. When business brand themselves with the Local First Utah logo, they unify under a brand that is recognized throughout the state, and has the collective resources to successfully compete with much larger companies.

In addition, they increase traffic to their physical or online locations by speaking to a large audience of consumers who are expressly interested in buying from locally owned businesses. Local First Utah partner businesses functions as a network of businesses that are committed to supporting other locally owned businesses in the state.

All in all, branding through Local First Utah allows businesses to become part of this movement, which is steadily gaining traction in cities and communities throughout the state. In doing so, these businesses reap significantly higher economic benefits than local businesses without a local first organization in their area. According to the Institute for Local Self Reliance, which conducts an annual survey of locally owned, independent businesses from across the nation, businesses in areas with an active "buy local" campaign have reported average sales increases of more than triple of those businesses located in areas without an active "buy local" campaign.