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How Sweet It Is!

24 September 2013 Published in Local First Utah Blog
Kasturi Kateel, and her husband John enjoy one of Kasthuri's artisanal cupcakes. Kasturi Kateel, and her husband John enjoy one of Kasthuri's artisanal cupcakes.

Thank goodness for dessert! Dessert can comfort us on bad day, or bring us some kindness when the world seems as though it’s turned its back.  Dessert has the power to bring us home or transport us to another world.  That’s why we’re so thrilled that these three sweet geniuses will be joining us at Celebrate the Bounty, so we can celebrate dessert!

Condie’s Candies is one of the founding members of our Local First Leaders Circle.  Condie’s, a family run business in Salt Lake City has been making handmade chocolates since 1924.  Today, sisters Karen, Michelle and Nannette are keeping the family business alive --  and delicious -- by using fresh, quality ingredients like real butter, cream, roasted nuts and premium chocolate. At Celebrate the Bounty you can enjoy some of Condie’s decedent offerings, such as their infamous pecan rolls, as well as assorted truffles, caramels and toffee. Condie’s only operates seasonally so tasting one of their unique sweets is a real treat!

Cupcakes seem to have taken the dessert world by storm and it’s easy to see why, especially when creativity and organic ingredients are the stars of the show.  Cupcakes by Kasthuri, a Salt Lake City cupcake catering establishment, is raising the bar for cupcakes around the country.  Kasthuri uses only organic and all natural ingredients like free-range eggs, fair trade sugar, and French Valrhona chocolate plus she sources most of her ingredients locally.   With inventive and worldly flavors like cardamom cake with saffron buttercream frosting topped with pistachios, even the craziest cupcake enthusiast will be surprised by Kasthuri’s flavors.   We can’t wait to try the creative creations that Kasthuri will be serving at Celebrate the Bounty!

Some days you just deserve to have gelato, and on those days aren’t you thankful that Dolcetti is there for you?  Dolcetti Gelato scoops up handmade gelato, macaroons and Belgian Waffles, along with espresso and tea, in the hip and vibrant 9th & 9th neighborhood, as well as in Park City.  Inspired by their travels, owners Mark and Elizabeth, wanted to bring a piece of Italy back to share with Utah.  In their quest for the best, they studied from the world’s finest gelato makers. They pay close attention to their ingredients, sourcing most of them locally in order to make seasonal flavors like the peach sorbetto they are currently serving. You won’t want to miss their delicious gelato assortment at Celebrate the Bounty! Tickets are going quickly, so get yours soon!