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Love Your Locals

Did you know the average American spends nearly $200 on Valentine’s Day gifts? As more people view Valentine’s Day as a special way to celebrate all the forms of love in their life, not just necessarily that between romantic partners, that means that there are lots unique ways for us to support locally owned independent businesses as we also celebrate all of the L-O-V-E in our lives!

Choose to Love Your Locals this Valentine’s Day, and find a gift from one of our members businesses who are providing you with great deals, unique specials and a little something sweet for everyone in your life.

Want to support the buy local movement all through the year? Consider becoming a Localist, to help us continue to shine to spotlight on our great independent business community!

We’re focusing on a month long Sugar Slash for the month of February! As a part of your paid membership, you’ll be getting motivational + nutrition tips, and be placed on a team (only if you want!) to compete for the most points in getting in workouts and eliminating sugar!

We love to celebrate our anniversary – 2/12- on February 12th! We’ll be offering complimentary post workouts snacks and celebrating our unofficial birthday and 9 years of changing lives in SLC!

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