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How to Effectively Brand Your Business as Locally Owned

In simplest terms, a brand is a representation of the relationship that your business has with your customers. A good brand includes a logo, but it is certainly not limited to just a logo. 

We encourage locally owned independent businesses in the state of Utah to amplify their brand by using the Local First Utah logo to co-brand their business. 

The cornerstone of our branding effort is ourgreen and yellow "Buy Local First Utah" logo, commonly found on the front door of our partner businesses.  To become one of our partners, make sure to list your business in our online directory. 

Participating in a "buy local" campaign like Local First Utah is proven to benefit the businesses that engage in the campaign

Here are a few ways to effectively brand your business as locally owned:

  • Include the Local First Utah logo on your marketing materials, such as storefront awnings and banners, product labels, customer receipts, print advertising, event displays and your website. Partner businesses can download the Local First Utah logo for free from our website. 
  • Enroll in our annual campaigns, Independents Week and Shift Your Spending Week. During each campaign, we provide participating businesses with unique marketing materials centered on the educational message we are delivering to the public. 
  • Sign up for an Enhanced Listing to receive monthly marketing kits. Businesses with Enhanced Listings will be automatically enrolled in Independents Week and Shift Your Spending Week
  • Make sure to stay in touch by sign up for our e-newsletter, and following us Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Train your staff to thank customers for buying locally, and about the Ten Reasons for Buying Locally.