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Local First Kanab Area

Local First Kanab Area Jeannie Hunt

The streets of Kanab are lined with placards commenting on the unique history of the town. Known as Little Hollywood, Kanab and the surrounding area served as the backdrop for hundreds of film productions during the golden era of westerns.

Kanab is also home to dozens of locally owned businesses that take an active part in their community. Recently, Local First Utah and the Kanab Area Chamber of Commerce have formed a partnership to launch a vibrant educational campaign, encouraging Kanab Area residents to shift their spending towards locally owned businesses. Together we have created customized versions of Local First Utah marketing materials, as well as designing a billboard, which can be seen in Kanab.

“We’re all so excited,” said Jeannie Hunt, President of the Kanab Chamber of Commerce, and local business owner. “The small things we have done have already made a difference! We have people everyday who come in and say ‘I want to shop local.”

In a town like Kanab, a small shift in spending, toward locally owned businesses, is making a big difference!