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A Portrait of Clearfield City

06 March 2015 Published in Local First Utah Blog

Earlier this year Local First Utah announced our partnership with Clearfield City, working together with their economic development office and local business owners to develop a dynamic “buy local” campaign in Clearfield.

We’re excited about this partnership, and the groundbreaking work we’ll be doing in Clearfield, because studies demonstrate that businesses in communities with an active “buy local” movement have higher sales revenues than their counterparts in communities without such campaigns.

We’re also excited because it gives us the opportunity to spend more time in a town where we are continually impressed by the diversity and hospitality of the businesses that make of the backbone of Clearfield’s economy and community.

Today, we’re offering a sneak peak of at some of the images that will eventually be used as a part of our “Ten Reasons for Buying Locally – Clearfield” handbill. There are many, many more businesses for us to partner with in Clearfield, so these photos represent just the smallest sampling of dynamic businesses in Clearfield.

Next up for our Clearfield City campaign? A series of educational seminars for local business owners providing them with tools, resources and ideas on how to amplify their voices as locally owned businesses. 


All photos by The Apeture Company. 

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