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Independents Week - July 1st - July 7th


So, how do we Celebrate Our Independents? 

As a citizen take our Pledge to Buy Local.

Commit to buying locally as often as possible during Independents Week, July 1-7th, 2017. When you pledge, you'll receive some handy social media tools to let your friends know that you've taken the pledge! 

Check out a list of committed pledge-takers here

After you've taken the pledge, please consider becoming a Friend of Local First Utah. 

Proclamations from Elected Officials

Local First Utah is calling on elected officials from across the state of Utah to sign our proclamation, officially recognizing July 1-7th as Independents Week in their cities and towns. Check to see if your city has officially recognized July 1st - 7th as Independents Week. (If not, give your representatives a call, and encourage them to sign!)

Check out a list of official signers here