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Independents Week - July 1st - July 7th

Independents Week - July 1st - July 7th Design by Nick Morgan

 When you eat in a local restaurant, who does that benefit? The restaurant, of course, but who else? The accountant who files that restaurant's taxes, the landscaping company that manicures its lawn, the electrician who keeps the lights on... the list goes on and on. And local businesses tend to buy from other local businesses. That means some of the money that bought your dinner was used to pay the accountant, landscaping company, and electrician.

This network of continually expanding ripples is what we like to call localnomics. It's an economic system by which locally owned independent businesses organize the production, purchase and sales of goods and services in a manner that encourages economic prosperity and builds community.

Can you imagine our eclectic and vibrant communities all the way from Logan to St George without all of our independent businesses? Neither can we. 

That's why we host Independents Week each summer. Our Independents Week campaign is all about connecting locally owned businesses to other locals, and sharing the support that elected officials have for our locally owned businesses. 

So, how do we Celebrate Our Independents? 

As a business, enroll in the Independents Week Campaign

You'll received a kit full of specialized marketing materials, like our Independents Week Posters, Pledge Buttons and a Social Media Kit.

Check out a list of enrolled businesses here. (Coming soon!) 

As a citizen take our Pledge to Buy Local.

Commit to buying locally as often as possible during Independents Week, July 1-7th, 2015. When you pledge, you'll receive some handy social media tools to let your friends know that you've taken the pledge! 

Check out a list of committed pledge-takers here

Proclamations from Elected Officials

Local First Utah is calling on elected officials from across the state of Utah to sign our proclamation, officially recognizing July 1-7th as Independents Week in their cities and towns. Check to see if your city has officially recognized July 1st - 7th as Independents Week. (If not, give your representatives a call, and encourage them to sign!)

Check out a list of official signers here