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Business Location

South Salt Lake City

Dented Bricked Distillery, LLC is a 14,000 square foot Destination Distillery opening in the Fall of 2015. The public will be invited to see the crafting of liquor from the finest raw materials and purchase finished product through the Distillery Retail Store. Enjoy a taste that is Unsurpassed - Grain to Glass.

Business Location

Salt Lake City

The Proper houses Utah’s smallest craft brewery, producing small-batch artisan beers with a focus on quality and creativity. We use the highest quality malts and hops along with a changing cast of yeasts to craft unique offerings. While our flagship Proper Beer is the only beer available year round, look for up to ten different taps pouring at once, often archaic styles or collaborations with other artisans. Remember, Drink Local! Our from-scratch cuisine emphasizes locally sourced ingredients, and dishes that either incorporate beer into the cooking process or pair well with our selection of house brews.

2 results - showing 1 - 2  
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