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Local First Provo Represents at Celebrate the Bounty

18 October 2012 Published in Local First Utah Blog

More than 20 locally owned restaurants from across the state of Utah brought their finest work to this year's Celebrate the Bounty. In the mix were Communal Restaurant, Pizzeria 712, Station 22 Cafe and Black Sheep Cafe, all of whom are significant supporters of our Local First Provo chapter. 

Communal and Pizzeria 712 led with dessert. Communal served up a "Locals Only PB&J" made with homemade peanut butter, chocolate ganache using Amano Chocolate and garnished with a reduction of Concord grape jelly and beet juice. Pizzeria 712 offered a delightful panna cotta paired with slices of locally grown apples. 

Station 22 managed to take us down South and keep it local. Their bite-sized portions of chicken and waffles were topped with crispy bacon and deep-fried purple sage leaves, united under the banner of a perfectly sweet maple syrup. 

Black Sheep Cafe won our first ever "Best Taste" award at Celebrate the Bounty with their Hog Jowl Tacos. The tacos featured braised hog jowl (you just have to try it to believe it), maple bay leaf barbeque sauce and sweet pickled jicama. 

Local First Provo wasn't just represented by restaurants. Each year, at Celebrate the Bounty, Local First Utah recognizes individuals who we have witnessed work tirelessly to promote local businesses and support their communities through our LocalMotive Awards. Two of this year's winners were Scott Manning and Kate Chandler, who have been promoting the cause of localism in Provo long before Local First Provo existed. They contribute countless hours to their community through their work at the Provo Bike Collective, and their endeavors to unite the music and art scene in Provo and Utah County. 

If you'd like to get involved with Local First Provo, please contact Kristen Lavelett at